Resty Nursabilla (INA AFS to Czech Republic YP 16–17)

It’s already five month and a half that i stay in this country Czech Republic and beloved city, Liberec. The place where i went school and the place where i made a new family, friends and learned for the language. A lot of things happened and struggling. Struggling for the language, friends, family, happiness, boredom, homesick, and other mix emotion that i could not describe. Weather it was form like a drama or problem. It just happened and i had been trough all of that.

I always realised something here when i started to try make a friends with the Czech people. Language is the key for have a fun conversation. By observing my other AFS friends who have the same language, they tend to make a group of talk with the other friends who have the same language. Even though English is an international language, but sometimes their own language make them their self. Because same language is making them connect. So from then i said to my self that i have to speak Czech so i can connect with them. From then on my Czech improving day by day, even though sometimes i forgot how to speak English. About writing i still have a problem but understanding other conversation and answer question, mostly i can reply and knew what are their purposed.

What i said when i was struggling to have Czech friends or schoolmates here, because even though they are my friends but that feeling of friendship atmosphere i am still asking. That awkwardness, shyness, oblivion feeling from them just suddenly i felt it all and i felt unneeded and i just ‘there’. My mind about AFS Orientation start to play again about everyone have a different cultures, background, behaving and personality. We are the AFS students and we must understand all of that. So the main hero or heroine here is us. If we want to make a change, we can not simply wait for someone else to make a change of our life, but ourself the one who should change it. Then because i could not stand with that kind of atmosphere, i just do not care any more and become the usual me. I said hey and small chat everyday. then later i have school friends whom i can trust or should i say best friend.

It was also the same situation also with the host family for the first time. Like i was taking a good care here but i felt like living a hotel in a family. I was still treated like a guest. Home in home felt like it’s not a home. There’s nobody to say welcome home like in Indonesia. There’s no saying goodbye when they left home.k So i felt, is this the way their cultures?. Then i start to feeling sad, in that moment and i ask them to having face to face question answers. They said sorry and i said sorry too if i have to much asking. They said it was okay and they were happy about it that i ask about that. They were just too busy because of working and be on time for work, and they just didn’t realised i was feeling lonely. After that moment we started to open up day by day. Like asking how is your day or school and other small talk. Later, I felt much more comfortable around them then last time.

Speaking of best friends i think i could not say AFS friends is just AFS Friends. I say they are AFS the best of the best friends that i ever had. We shared our problem together, travelling together, skiing together, partying together, playing laser tag, snow ball fighting, sleepover, camping, we just do a lot of fun when we see each other. In AFS Mid stay camp we again met and i was so happy. We open up our feeling how we felt about our school and how we felt about our host family. We pretty much had similar problem. Like the host family behaving or our friends from school too. We just spilled it all over in that moment. When we always met we just trying to let it go all the problem we had in our school or home or there are some other problem. It was all gone. It was fun. I really love them so much . This experiences that i did everything here, i surely bring it as my future references for facing the world.