Alifia Nurfajri Henia (INA AFS to Italy YP 16–17)

“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another, and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it”

so here, my half term of exchange student program would like to figure out

am I already success passed all these up and down stages?

Am I already fluently speaking in every different language I learned?

Am I already have a local friend through my school or my activity life?

Am I already have good communication with my host family here?

And through all global issues recently we heard, am I already being a global citizen?

Let’s say, I just can’t believe I meet with my five months or mid-term of my exchange life. I just don’t know how to figure it out like many people could. Some things can lift up or down my mood. But these experiences are just too precious to be forgotten. I live my life here not for trying to be a famous student that stayed in another country, even continent for long one year but it based on my “why”. Why I want to join in this program one year ago.

The consequence has just been the worry for me. But and as time ticking quickly, I found the definition what beautiful diversity is by learning a new culture, new language, meet new people and living in my “new” life.

The cool part is the technology more modern if you are going abroad that lifestyle really looks movie, make a travel with the friend to another city around and everyone might get envy because of our Instagram or facebook post. But truly, those are only hidden collection over of what and how we hang in.

During these moments, I just can say gratefully for everything God has given to me. I could have had warm feeling of last Christmas, the hustle and happiness of New Year celebration (even I have to stand in the midnight of less 5 degrees), one of particular festival that called “Epifania” where you can eat chocolate at one whole day, visit my friend’s house for cooking and chilling out together and so many other things that I couldn’t mention. Indeed, more than the gold of treasure being here.


Life is getting higher, bigger, and busy

I can’t expect before if there are so many things might turn into happiness, sadness, confusion, and madness at the same time. at first, I couldn’t take myself in the right position and always face confusion situation. I try to make myself comfortable, and also the others, but because different opinion always come up, I have to stay awake for finding a solution. this is what AFS Curriculum Program first goals want us to become better personal with creative and critical thinking, where it means able to generate innovative ideas and solution instead forming our opinions based on recognizing that there are different ways to view things, more than one source of information, and

believe that have more than one solution to a problem. and to be honest, I feel being brand new every single day of what I have learned. whether it’s a bad or good thing. I convince myself that it is not good or bad, try to find out and ask people if there’s something different from your perspective. also, being a confident and comfortable in learning some strange situation isn’t easy at first. I learned for being more patient (if you ask my mother if fia is a patient person, she would like to answer I am “gegabah” hahah) that it’s needed time for letting your surrounding know you well. Well, through my good and bad period, it would be nice for appreciating the process more

next, I would like to discuss interpersonal stage that is upper from personal. after we know better who really we are, interpersonally becomes fundamental valuation for our surrounding. Respecting and emphatic are the key to building a relationship with the fellow. I remember when my first three months here that I have to crawl find people’s concern that “hey I am a stranger please let me know how to start learning your language”. I obsessed that learning a new culture and new language for building two minds bridge never easy. But, I realized that being open minded would be the best way to know each other. I know it’s hard to do for start new conversation with strange and new circumstance. I believe what I have done paid off soon. And the AFS Effect I feel during these days is I become easier (slowly but sure if I believe it would be success) for communicating with everyone because improvisation is needed.

With peace as a starting point why I want to participate in this program, I feel that understand the concepts of “culture” itself lead me to open my eyes that this world has lots of creative thinkers who believe how beautiful diversity is. Wherever we are from diverse nations, language, backgrounds, attitudes, opinions and lifestyles we are creating a peace for overcoming the stereotype that becomes a global issue during this period. Sooner or later, getting interested about the value being a global citizen is leading us to become awareness develop concerning about world affairs. Through this process, increasing curiosity of something important for me is a requirement. I would like to improve my vigor during my experience, dig up more knowledge that I hope has forever impact to myself.

We can say, at the position of five months, I always try to encourage and convince myself “I don’t want to miss a thing” here. every single thing. I just don’t want let myself regret if I dump the moment. I cherish every single memory I have. And I hope so, whereas some experience as sweet as what was envisioned.

Comunque, altra cosa (by the way)

In last Tuesday, I went to Pizzeria with my classmates and we were chilling out together. One thing that makes it funny how Italian teenager (ragazzi Italiani) organize something for hang out is needed argumentation with their natural gesture (let’s say you can find on the internet the gesture of Italian people). They will make serious atmosphere first in the class (debating their own opinion and lag the hand gesture), and then scattered into entertaining show for me because they laugh of what they have decided.

Sometimes I feel sad that my time is getting over here and I don’t when I could come back for seeing their smile and joke. They put me up at a maximum point of cheerfulness. By this activity, I’m improving for being an easy going person and cherish this moment could not be paid.

I’m waiting for my half semester ahead on how it would be formed. Also I curious for flowing my up and down moods on how it would be controlled. And I just can’t wait for coming back home to share this wonderful story.




The Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning Official Partner of AFS Programs

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The Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning Official Partner of AFS Programs

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