Ni Komang Melya Lestari (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

Hola, como estas?

How’s life there in Indonesia? I’m totally fine here away from home. And i can’t believe that i’ve been halfway through my journey here.

Anyway, it’s cold out here J. I used to stay in Bali (which is warm), then i met snow here. I was so excited when seeing snow for the first time. Do you know what I feel? It was like i woke up in the morning and just realize that I’m currently in a wonderland where everything is white outside. The view was so pretty from the window in my room. Then I went outside, and I got freezing. It’s not like what I expected. It is way too cold for me. For a kid who used to go to the beach near by the house and playing with dry sands, snow feels strange for me. But still, it is so pretty. I will feel so sad when the snow gone in a few weeks.

Trick or Treat? My first Halloween was a blast. I went to a pumpkin patch with my friends to find a proper pumpkin and carve it at home. I was volunteering in a Haunted House as a Ghost! Yes, i myself was being a ghost on that day and scaring little kids. It was a lot of fun. Sadly, I couldn’t speak the next day because of screamed and laughed so spooky a lot on Halloween day, lol. My friends said “Melya, you have a talent to be a successful ghost” lol.

How about Thanksgiving? It had my first Thanksgiving day celebration. Thanksgiving is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing and preceding year. I had thanksgiving dinner with my big family. And my favorite thing from this day is the food. I ate a lot, and all of the food were really good. There are cranberry sauce, turkey, any kind of pie, any kind of desserts, and so much more. The day after it is Black Friday. It is a day you can find big sale everywhere, so most of the people will go to the stores. I went to the mall with my friends and found sale things everywhere, so we spent the whole day just for shopping, lol.

How’s your Christmas celebration? Christmas is a big holiday here in America. And i had my first Christmas day celebration in here too. We went to the Christmas tree farm and cut the tree there. Then we bring it home and decorate it. I put lights, beads, any decorations and the last thing, my family let me put the angel on the top of the tree. I was really excited for my first Christmas. On Christmas eve, we went to church and had the celebration there. Then next day is Christmas! I woke up in the morning and found presents on my socks, also a lot of other presents. My first Christmas was totally unforgettable.

Next is school. I change any of my subject for this semester. I took classes that I think will be more useful for me as an exchange student to get more experience. I take Yearbook class, and it is amazing. I just keep thinking it is the best class ever. I learn how to be a journalist ( which is I never even thinking about it before), photographer, writer, artist, animator and a lot more. I will walk through the hallway and go to anyplace around the school to get picture. It is really good for me because my school is huge, and now I have a chance to know more about it. Everyday we always start the class with current events, which basically some students will share news which happened anywhere in the world. Being a part of this class make me so update and aware about my school, community and things in the world.

Days passed. I have so many days and moment to remember. There are a lot more which that I haven’t mention yet here. But I will always remember every special moments of my journey here.

It’s been 6 months since I left Indonesia. Do I miss my family? I’ll say yes, of course I do. Am I miss my friends? Oh yasshh, I am really miss them. I can’t wait them day I meet again with all of them. I want to share my wonderful experience and my stories about being an exchange student. But, I don’t want this leave United states L. This land has been being my second house. A land where I ride my “Rollercoaster” from start until I finish. A rollercoaster has it’s ups and downs. It’s people choice to be calm and enjoying it or screaming and hope it’ll end soon. And now my rollercoaster is almost over. I’m both enjoy and scream on my ride until time flies and hit the finish. And whenever it comes, I’ll be ready. Because that’s what exchange students do. Ready and dealing with any kind of situation.

So, how’s your rollercoaster? I hope you enjoy it just like I do.

Love always,

Melya ^_^