Caring through cleanliness

Loga Prity Dewi (INA AFS to JAPAN Asia Kakehashi YP 18–19)

Hello my name is Loga Prity Dewi and I’m exchange student form Indonesia. This is my fourth month in Japan. I stayed in Okinawa, Naha City. It was unique and beautiful island and really clean place. Since I stay here I’m always amazed how cleans Okinawa is and how Japan culture made it.

However, ever you ask why Japan it’s so clean, and how they do it? So I want to tell you a little reason from many reasons why Japan it’s so clean from the student’s perspective.

During my program I stay in dormitory, it’s school dormitory, which I never stay in dormitory before. So it’s my first time. I can say that the dorm is really nice and comfortable. It’s clean,tidy not to big and not to small, there’s three washing machine and dryer, toilet, and shower room in every floor. One fact that I really surprised about our dormitory is there is no cleaning service who come and clean our dormitory. So how can the dorms keep cleans and tidy?

It’s student duty to clean the dorm. Every Wednesday we have clean duty, so all student will go to their floors and clean it up. Form shower room, dryer, wastafel,even the toilets. Also we have trash duty. Every floor will have two people from same room to throw trash every day for one week. We also have dinner clear duty, after we eat we always put our tableware in three different boxes and the tray will be wash by student who have dinner clean duty.

I can say for what I see that’s Japan students are independent, how the cleans system duty here teach them how to keep cleans and responsibility to a place that they live to care not only to themself but also other.The school maybe can hire someone to clean the dorm but in fact they don’t and I think it’s a smart decision.

How about the school life,are they do the same thing? Let’s take a look

I study in Okinawa Shougaku Senior High School, it’s a big school that I ever seen in my life. It’s has six floors and consisting both of junior and senior high school. My school have about 2000 students and again it is really clean,but one thing that I really surprised that this school doesn’t have cleaning service or someone who cleans the school. When I knew this the first thing that came to my mind was, how can they keep this giant big school cleans?

The answers is, all students cleaning the schools, from the classroom, corridor, window, teacher’s room,even the toilets and also trash. All the duty are take care by students.My class have clean schedule it’s sperate based on the places where the students have to cleans so before we came home we clean the school.

Do these act really impact to their daily life?

Yes they really do, one day I go to kanji calligraphy exhibition with my calligraphy club. These exhibition is for senior high school,so many of the calligraphy are write by students. The interesting thing besides how beautiful the calligraphy is,after the exhibition finished all people in that room cleaning and tidying up the exhibition. There is no cleaning service from the place that the exhibition take,it’s all by students, teachers, and the visitors.

Another one, there is Christmas concert at one of the hospital in Okinawa. So volunteer club,teacher and I ,we go to the hospital,but before let me explain a little about this club. The form of the volunteers that we do is playing handbell. So we play handbell for some Christmas songs, one of the songs is All I want for Christmas is You. There is another performance from the nurse and professional music player.

So after we finished performance in hospital,they prepare dinner for us as thank you for our performance. When we finished eat, the staff give us trash bag and all the people start cleans the room, we throw our trash,tidy up the table and the chairs, wiping table. Our teacher and other people in that room do the same thing and after finished said “arigatougozaimashita” or thank you very much, for what they do for us today.

As long as I’m here, I learn many thing from Japan people. learn how to be independent, how to have concern to everything around me, learn how to finished something I have used and make sure it’s clean so next people can use it.To be unselfish person that learn how to share with someone. Learn how to give good example for youger people than me as my teacher and adults people do here. I learn how to care to others as simple as cleans what’s I have done.