Kahfi Rafsanjani (INA YES to USA YP 16–17)

5 months so far. I’m happy, school is good, soccer practice is fun and winter? Uhmm… Yeah I love it. Winter is awesome especially when we have no school because too much snow on the street. There are some sports winter, I know it would be good experience if I took it, but I was not sure that I can survive with the cold. So I am doing indoor soccer this winter.

Me and my friends practice two times a week. We had our first game last week. We played “Head to head” last week. It means we were playing 2 games in a row. It was so tired. First game we ended up tie with 5–5 scores. The second game, there was something unique because our opponent has a girl as their goalkeeper. Ya funny! I have never seen a girl plays soccer mix with boys. She was so good, just so good. So, we lost 2–3. Sad!

Let’s move on to Star wars. Yes, my first Star wars movie was Rogue one. I watched with my host family. They are Star wars fans. My Mass communication’s teacher is also Star wars fans. So, that are enough to make me curious about it. This movie made me disappointing for a couple days, just because I discovered Darth vader is Anakin, which was a good boy with a big dream when he was a kid.

A couple weeks ago I went to skate. That was my first ice skating, of course I felt a hundreds times. I went with my host dad and Damir, my host dad taught me how to ice skate. I was doing not really good tho, because it was my first time. I am going to do more for sure.

What about skiing? Yes I have done that last week. It was so fun, the fun that tropical people would probably never thought. This time, I went with my host dad and mom and also Damir, my host dad and I were doing skiing, while Damir was doing snowboarding. Damir is so good at this, he used to snowboard every year in his home country. Meanwhile me, a tropical boy who never skied before. So, my host dad taught me how to skiing. I don’t know why, but skiing seems easier than ice skating. I was doing pretty good, I know how to turn, how to fall safely and also how to brake. It took a couple turn until I felt comfortable on the skate. I hope I can be good at ice skating and skiing before I leave America.

Now, I am in my third term class. Last week was a final for second term classes. My final was fine, I got B and A for my grades. This new term, I have Floriculture, Global studies, CSI Winona, Culinary and American government. CSI Winona class is always makes my day. That class does not has homework and test. What we have to do just come, listen and do what we should do. American government will be the hardest one. I had once civic test that was about government and guess what I got? 2 out of 25! Hahaha…

My global studies’ teacher is so nice. He likes exchange student, he likes cultures. He also ask me to contact my school, and he said probably Winona Senior High School can do some internet project about global studies. Of course I am so interested for that.

Winterfest is coming! It is same like Homecoming where high school students celebrate football game. We had Winterfest dance on saturday night, before that we had dinner in my friend’s house, after that we took pictures together then went to the dance.

That is my experience in USA, of course more than I can write here! I feel proud to myself, to my family, friends and teacher. I will be back Inshallah June 13th 2017. See you guys!



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