Unknown Place With Taste Of An Adventure

Marcelino Loeis Fereri Yappy (INA YES to USA YP 18–19)

Life is a long journey and not always smooth. On a certain day and at a certain time, we never know what pain we might have to go through. We don’t know when we will live and when in one fell swoop, life will make us sit down, then force us to make decisions. One or two decisions made us proud, while the rest produce more regret.

Now, I’m here in the U.S.A. and it’s like dream come true. Every journey of a person’s life is certainly not always happy, because the wheel of life continues to spin. Maybe, motivation is the best way to make the problem easier. If I don’t have a lot of motivations maybe I already have given up, and say “Mom, I want to go home”. I’ve been living in the U.S.A for almost 3 months in a beautiful city called Buffalo with my awesome host family, “Verrall’s Family”. They’re an amazing family, they are really nice to me and treat me like their own child. On my first day in Buffalo, they took me to Anchor Bar. They order chicken wings for my first food in USA and that food taste really awesome and now, it becomes my number 1 food in here.

There are a lot of experience I had in here but “sshhh” it’s privacy. If you want to know call me!

So, my first day of school went so well and smooth, but you know I always say that “you must struggle first before you get what you want in life.” Well, I’m still struggling to make friends and understand the lessons here because the teachers are talking so fast it’s like a flash for me. But the hardest part still is to find friends. In here, I am scared to start a conversation with them and I am always over thinking for everything, which is makes me scared. I go to Williamsville south high school in buffalo, New York. This is my soccer team. An awesome team. The coaches and the players are so nice to me. Our team in this year got the second place in the soccer league. We are so happy even we just got the second place, we still grateful and promised to each other next year our junior going to win this competition for us. And now we are in the winter season for sport and I joined wrestling team and as you know, it’s so fun like soccer. The team are so solid and the coaches are so awesome.

The first problem for me in here is the weather. In Indonesia the weather is just temperate, but rainy. Here, it’s always too cold for me even though my family say it’s warm. But “Dude” it’s still dupper cold for me (dupper more that super). The worst thing is when I want to take a shower in the morning to go to school. Because it’s so cold. When I come out from the bathroom, it’s like you are walking inside a bowl of ice. It makes your body shake like you want to do “Gangnam Style” dance. I got my first snow right after my first presentation in front of American people at church in Eden. The snow is awesome and cold.

I’m so happy because my presentation going well and I can saw and touch my first snow.

In this letter I want to say that everything in here so different and so awesome. I’m so grateful. I have so many story to tell you guys but next right okay?

I’m always thinking that in this world, if you want to feel good, then accept that, not every situation is going to be good. So, because of that, I’m going to accept every situation I have and fight with all my might. Because, God has never promised that the sky is always blue, flowers are always blooming, and the sun is always shining. But “He” promised that you will get through it. Be patient, do what you want to do and let God do the rest. Trust me as I’m his witness that God never leaves you.
“This my story. Well this is only the beginning so “watch out” for more story from me.”

“This my story. Well this is only the beginning so “watch out” for more story from me.”



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